Feng Shui Directions: Annual Afflictions

After reading my previous blogs on Life Gua, Personal Directions, The 24 Mountains and, The Principle of Na Jia, you are aware of your best and worst Feng Shui directions. And although you are using your best facing and sleeping directions, you are not able to reap the rewards of positive Qi. Sounds like a familiar story? The reason could be activation of the Annual Afflictions. Annual Afflictions are the reason why some years are good while some others aren’t. These afflictions follow a cyclical pattern. They change every year. And the year in which they hit your personal directions or favorable sectors of your property, they cause pain and harm. Hence, it is very important to be aware of these annual afflictions, and safeguard against them. The sectors where these afflictions are found are considered unfavorable. Care should be taken to avoid disturbing the energies of these afflictions.

There are four annual afflictions in Classical Feng Shui. They are as follows:

Tai Sui: The Grand Duke Jupiter

Avoid using the sector of The Grand Duke Jupiter completely. Disturbing this sector usually causes mishaps and health problems.

  • Avoid construction or renovation if your property is facing The Grand Duke Jupiter for the year.
  • Avoid construction or renovation in this sector of the property as well.
  • For personal good, sit with your back towards this direction while working. Never face it while sleeping or working.
Sui Po: The Year Breaker

Also known as “The Wrath of The Grand Duke,” this affliction occupies the sector or direction directly opposite The Grand Duke. This sector should be left undisturbed especially if the elder members of the family are facing health problems. The only rule to follow here is: always face The Year Breaker while sleeping or working. Never sit or sleep with your back facing this direction, because that way you are directly facing The Grand Duke Jupiter.

Wu Huang: The Five Yellow Star

This is the most inauspicious sector or direction for the year. Houses facing or backing this direction should avoid any kind of renovations. It is best to avoid using this sector and direction completely. If you cannot avoid using this direction, you should definitely avoid sitting with your back towards The Five Yellow Star. Facing this direction directly is better than backing it.

San Sha: Three Killings

Activating the Three Killings sector or using this direction while working or sleeping, is bound to bring about negative repercussions like theft, loss of wealth, recurring problems in property matters, and recurring health problems to the members of the family. It is best to avoid the Three Killings, although you can face it instead of sitting with your back towards it. Avoid renovation or construction for the year.

The Four Annual Afflictions:

The four Annual Afflictions follow a pattern of their own. The following chart has been derived on the basis of these patterns.




2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028


The Grand Duke Jupiter


NW3 N2 NE1 NE3 E2 SE1 SE3 S2 SW1 SW3 W2

The Year Breaker

SE1 SE3 S2 SW1 SW3 W2 NW1 NW3 N2 NE1 NE3 E2

The Five Yellow Star




Three Killings

NE1, N, NW3 SW3, W, NW1 SE3, S, SW1 NE3, E, SE1 NE1, N, NW3 SW3, W, NW1 SE3, S, SW1 NE3, E, SE1 NE1, N, NW3 SW3, W, NW1 SE3, S, SW1

NE3, E, SE1

This chart shows the position of the four Annual Afflictions till 2029. After 2029, the chart will simply repeat itself. For instance, The Grand Duke Jupiter is in W2 in 2029, in 2030, it will be in NW1 and so on. It is important to note that the position of these afflictions changes every year on 4th Feb (Chinese New Year). Also, it is important to mention that the cardinal and sub-cardinal directions given in the chart are the major directions and they include all the three mountains they are further divided into. For instance, N includes N1, N2, and N3. Hence, these major directions are highlighted here.

For particular compass degrees of the directions mentioned in the above chart, click here.

The knowledge of Annual Afflictions and their position for the particular year is very critical in order to reap the rewards of Sheng Qi. It helps Classical Feng Shui practitioners in advising small changes annually that can bring great benefits for the occupants of a property. It helps people to tapĀ into a positive space and eliminate the negative ones.

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