Feng Shui for Property: The Best Terrain

Choosing the best terrain is extremely important as it is a vital part of our external environment. In my previous blogs, I have illustrated the importance of living in a favorable external environment. Hence, before proceeding further, I would recommend you to glance through my previous blogs by clicking here.

Let’s say you are out in the market, with a dream of building your own abode from the scratch. And to pursue this dream, the first thing you do is you find an ideal site. Also, you are fully aware of the concept of poison arrows and shars. But what about the terrain on which the land is located? Is it on the top of a hill or does it have a steep incline? Is it on a sloping land or on a flat terrain? Where is the best place to build your house?

To answer these questions, let’s consider the following illustration:

The Best Terrain: Illustration
Which is the Best Terrain?

The above illustration shows four examples of terrains. It is extremely important to choose the best terrain to build your property as it can directly affect your livelihood.

Let us learn about each terrain in detail:

  • On the hilltop:

Although this site offers a spectacular view of the valley and mountains, it is considered to be inauspicious for day-to-day living. This site will leave your property unprotected. Being on top of a hill propels property occupant towards psychological vulnerability. Also, the property is subjected to nature’s unkind forces. Living on a hilltop for a prolonged period can cause insomnia and nervousness among occupants. The property is bound to lack support and stability from the black turtle which can cause insecurity and anxiety among residents. They may feel exposed and vulnerable. Hence it is advisable to choose a safe property site over a spectacular scenic view.

  • On a steep incline:

Property on a steep incline offers great views of the mountain at the back and an amazing panoramic view of the valley in the front. At first sight, it may look like an ideal and dreamy location to build your haven. But imagine a house standing on a steep inclination. It looks threatened and lacks stability. It is exposed to nature’s forces that will run downhill and wash away everything that comes in their way. Also, there is a constant threat of landslides. Anything that threatens a property, threatens its occupants as well. There is a constant fear of loss and damage.

In Classical Feng Shui, occupants of a property located on a steeply inclined terrain are unable to retain their wealth. This type of property makes it impossible for the Sheng Qi or positive energy to accumulate and converge. It just washes away down hill. And so does your money. It drains away everything you earn, no matter how hard you work to save your money. Hence, this is not an ideal site to build your property.


  • On a sloping terrain:

We have learnt that the ideal site is where there is a mountain at the back and open space or gently flowing water at the front. Property on a gently sloping terrain offers just that. Classical Feng Shui favors the idea of living on a gentle slope of a hill. The vertical incline can represent the black turtle and the open space or gently undulating land in the front can represent the crimson phoenix. Also, the soil on the gentle slopes of a hill is usually fertile and rich which can enable occupants to take up agriculture or other related activities. It acts as a natural source of self-employment. History has it that most primitive and prosperous civilizations were located on the slopes of the hills. Also, the property is less likely to flood. Hence, property on a sloping terrain is favorable.

  • On a flat terrain:

Flat terrains offer solid foundation and stability to the property. They offer security to the property. Most urban dwellers today live on flat terrain. Most prosperous and rich cities in the world are located on flat terrains. Thus, flat terrains can be considered favorable for living.

Thus, choosing the best terrain for living is of utmost importance. It is highly recommended to think twice before purchasing property on a particular terrain. The geophysical plane on which you live has a great impact on your well-being and livelihood.

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