Life Gua: Gua Number and Personality Traits

Life Gua is also known as “Ming Gua”.  Gua number, also known as Kua number, helps in identifying personal characteristics of an individual, his/her compatibility with other individuals, and his/her favorable and unfavorable directions. Knowing your Gua number will further help you in designing your Feng Shui Bedroom and Feng Shui Office. Hence, it is very important to determine your Life Gua correctly.

There is a special formula that determines your Gua number. However, you can simply calculate your Gua number by clicking here.

Now that you know your Life Gua, read on to know your personality traits.

Gua 1 – Element: Water

Gua 1 people belong to the Kan trigram . They tend to go with the flow. They are extremely flexible and adaptable. Although water people appear calm, quiet and stable on the outside, they are quite restless on the inside. They love to travel. They hate to be stagnant or stuck in one place. Gua 1 people are excellent managers, leaders, and mediators. Overall, water people are charming, courageous, confident, persistent, and liberal. They are deep thinkers. However, diving too deeply in thoughts often makes them sad or depressed. Gua 1 people are strong-headed and stubborn. They don’t give up easily. They aren’t afraid of obstacles and they know how to find their way around problems.

Gua 2 – Element: Earth

Earth people are the most loyal individuals among all other Guas. Gua 2 people belong to the Kun trigram. There are two types of earth people – soft earth and hard earth. Gua 2 people belong to the former group. They are extremely motherly, nurturing, and caring. They are very tolerant and possess a very high thirst for knowledge. Gua 2 individuals are down-to-earth, practical, and reliable. They are also blessed with good money managing skills. On the downside, Gua 2 people are very sensitive and less expressive. They internalize everything. This often becomes the cause of their emotional suffering.

Gua 3 – Element: Wood

Gua 3 people belong to the Zhen trigram. Similar to Earth, there are two types of wood people – soft wood and hard wood. Gua 3 individuals belong to the later group. They are strong, enduring, vibrant, and impulsive. They hate competition and they hate being told what is to be done. Hard wood people are determined, fearless, and persistent. They like their own space. Like a tree, they tower over others. Although some people might feel overwhelmed by them, others feel sheltered in their domineering presence. They are socially active and have many allies. Gua 3 people have a good sense of humor. On the downside, they are extremely egoistic and do not bend easily. They are extremely stubborn.

Gua 4 –  Element: Wood

Belonging to the Xun trigram, Life Gua 4 individuals are soft wood people. They are much more compromising than their unbending Gua 3 counterparts. Soft wood people are extremely instinctive. They are cautiously optimistic and take great care in how they present themselves. They are flexible, romantic, and social. Gua 4 individuals are great communicators. They learn faster than others and they know their way to the top. They have a diverse network of friends. Soft wood people like to be independent and, thus, make good entrepreneurs. On the downside, Gua 4 people can be very manipulative with words. Also, they are highly emotional and moody. They tend to bend the rules to suit their needs.

Gua 5 – Element: Earth

5 is the master number in Classical Feng Shui. It is a mixture of both soft earth and hard earth. Hence, Gua 5 people have the characteristics of both Gua 2 and Gua 8. Gua 5 people are extremely difficult to understand and cope with. They are the least predictable creatures. If you are a Gua 5 person, refer to the description under Gua 2 and Gua 8. You are a mixture of both. Only you know what you are. Also, you have a tendency to switch roles between soft earth and hard earth. Sometimes you are a flame that provides warmth and sometimes you are the fire that burns down the city.

Gua 6 – Element: Metal

Gua 6 people belong to the Qian trigram and to the hard metal group. They possess high leadership qualities. They are headstrong and obstinate. Gua 6 people are strict disciplinarians and are extremely dominating. They are uncompromising and are hard to get along with. Hard metal people are very proud, goal-oriented perfectionists. Unbending, and extremely focused. They are too conscious about their image in the society and won’t do anything that would mar their stellar reputation. However, their hardness often causes loneliness and depression. Gua 6 people need to learn how to take things easy.

Gua 7 – Element: Metal

Belonging to the Dui trigram, a Gua 7 individual is among the soft metal group. Although they appear soft on the outside, they are quite stern on the inside. They are good speakers, getting the point across effectively and efficiently. Soft metal people are also very argumentative. However, they have a sharp tongue and their words are like a double-edged sword. They can be both soothing and slicing. It is hard to judge whether you are being complimented or condemned by them. They love to shine and are bit of a show-off. Unfortunately, their outward beauty causes them to be egoistic and snobbish. Gua 7 people are quite cunning and are very private. They like to keep their cards close and will offer only “need to know” information. Their lives are often challenging.

Gua 8 – Element: Earth

Gua 8 people belong to the Gen trigram. They belong to the hard earth category. They are extremely focused and passionate individuals. Hard earth people often have a one-track mind and single-minded devotion. They prefer learning from their own mistakes rather than learning from others’ experiences. Gua 8 people don’t budge easily. Their stubbornness is their biggest foible. They tend to be stable and conservative, mulling things over before making a final decision. Earth people are the most loyal of all the guas. They are self-sacrificing, putting the needs of others before themselves. Hard earth people can either be your best friend or your biggest enemy.

Gua 9- Element: Fire

Gua 9 people belong to the Li trigram. Fire people are warm, energetic, affectionate, spontaneous, and happy individuals with an unparalleled zeal for life. Gua 9 people are the most enlightened and spiritual among all other guas.  They carry a different aura around them. They are usually on a prettier side. Gua 9 people are blessed with intelligence, quick thinking ability, and high grasping power. They also seek fame and respect. They need constant love and pampering. On the downside, they are insecure and dependent. Also, fire people are extremely hot-headed.

Now that you know your Gua number and your personality traits, I urge you to take some time out and reflect upon how these traits affect you and others in your daily life. You can also calculate Gua number for your family members, friends, and colleagues. This will help you in understanding them better.

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4 Comments on “Life Gua: Gua Number and Personality Traits

  1. I am a Gua 5 and your description is very accurate and insightful. Gua 5 to me seems like the black sheep of Feng Shui, nobody really wants to deal with it, and in Flying Stars it’s regarded as the worst of all. And most sites try to shove me in with the trigram Kun, which doesn’t entirely sit right with me. I’m inclined to agree with you, I feel like a little of both Kun and Gen, the middle line so to speak. Some say since it is not associated with a trigram, it is instead governed by the Chastity Star, is there any truth to that?.

    1. Hi Sean,

      5 is the master number in Classical Feng Shui. It is a very important and central to the entire stem of Classical Feng Shui. Hence, it is very critical to respect the master number 5.
      Coming to the various sites that shove you to the Kun trigram, Gua 2, it is because male Gua 5 people are advised to follow the Kun trigram to determine their personal good and bad directions. It is to be noted that this is done only to help Gua 5 people to tap into their personal auspicious directions and avoid the inauspicious ones. So, you should definitely stick to the Kun trigram for your personal directions.

      Cheers and Goodluck!

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