Feng Shui for Living: House Structure

The house structure can be defined as the shape of the house. Keeping all furniture and internal design of the house aside, the frame or the outer shape of the house has a bearing on the occupants’ well-being. The house structure affects the movement of Qi and alters the way in which it interacts with the occupants. For deriving positive effects of Qi, it is important to allow it to move freely. Its flow should be sentimental and nurturing. Fast moving Qi conditions must be avoided. For this, angular shapes of the house must be avoided.

These days, modern houses are designed in various shapes like W-shape, M-shape, or shape of an electric bolt. Although such houses become the talk of the town, the angular orientation of walls causes Qi to bounce around the house like a crazy ball. This dizzying movement of Qi can cause misfortune and illness for the occupants. Thus, taking note of the house structure is of extreme importance.

However, before buying an apartment or building a house, it is important to find the ideal site for your property. Also, the location of your property should be auspicious. In other words, poison arrows and shars must be avoided. Further, the plot shape and the terrain on which the plot is located must be considered before zeroing down on the house of your choice. This is because, external environment plays an equally crucial role as the internal environment does. Classical Feng Shui is an art of living in complete harmony with the external environment. Thus, before proceeding further, I recommend you to read my previous blogs by clicking here.

Now that you are fully aware of the external environment, let us discuss each house shape and its effects on Qi in detail:

  • Square:

A square house, room, or plot is the best structure in Classical Feng Shui. It allows Qi to move freely. Although it is a simple and normal structure, it is considered to be the most favorable and auspicious. It is ideal to have a square house.

  • Rectangle:

A rectangular shape resembles expansion and growth. It is a favorable structure. It has no missing corners or odd angles, thus allowing Qi to maneuver around the house freely and sentimentally.

  • Circle:

Although most stadiums and sports coliseums are circular, this is not an ideal shape for living. It is characterized by extremely high energy and hence is ideal for sports. For living, it is best to avoid a circular house. Qi goes around in circles, creating a cyclonic situation. It moves too fast and creates a whirlwind inside the house. You can imagine its movement like a roller coaster would move on continuous cork screw tracks. The very thought of it is enough to make you feel dizzy.

  • Triangle:

Triangle, just like circle, isn’t an ideal structure for living. A triangular structure gives rise to angular formation of walls. This gives birth to Sha Qi or negative energy. This structure also gives rise to missing corners and is known to take a toll on the well-being of occupants. Triangular buildings are constantly threatened by the fear of the walls caving in. They can also make occupants feel suffocated and adds to the sufferings of people having claustrophobia. Attic rooms are an example of triangular structure. In most houses, attics are used as a store room. They also give a discomforting and eerie feeling. Hence, it is best to avoid triangular house structure.

  • U – shape:
House Structure: U - Shaped House
U – Shaped House
  1. Front Open House: In this case, the occupants experience financial security and stability. This is because of the solid formation of the hind side of the house. This house structure is considered favorable in Classical Feng Shui.
  2. Back Open House: Although the occupants of these houses may appear well off to the outsiders, they might face difficulty in retaining wealth. Also, interaction and movement of Qi in this structure gives rise to chances of divorce, misfortune or loss of money. Occupants may feel exposed due to open back. This property also lacks security and stability. Hence, an open back house structure isn’t favorable.
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