Feng Shui for Property : Finding the Ideal Site

“Classical Feng Shui is an art and science of living in complete harmony with the external environment”. But what is the external environment? Which is the ideal site to build a house? What makes it the ideal site? These are some of the many questions that crop up in our minds.

The External Environment

The external environment is the first thing to be considered when applying Feng Shui. Assessment of the environment surrounding the property is extremely crucial. The external environment is our neighborhood. Our neighborhood governs the way we think, feel, and relate. In other words, our surroundings like buildings – their shape, size and placement, roads, rivers, greatly influence our well being. Hence, the external environment must be compatible with and supportive of the internal environment of the property. However, before heading over to the ideal site, let us first get a brief background of the ideal landforms.

The Four Celestial Palaces

The ancient Chinese worshipped the heavens, envisioning their gods in the pattern of stars. These star configurations usually represented an animal form. These animal forms were called “totems”. A totem is an emblem or a symbolic representation of attributes likes courage, loyalty, strength or togetherness. There are four celestial deities revered by the Chinese and are also known as The Four Celestial Palaces. It must be noted that these deities are actually huge constellations, containing seven independent, smaller constellations in each. Combined together, the four enormous constellations give the 28 constellations of the Chinese Zodiac.

The Four Celestial Palaces are named as – The Black Turtle, The Green Dragon, The White Tiger, and The Crimson Phoenix. These star formations represent the four auspicious landforms and each of them is associated with a cardinal direction. Thus, the ideal site would be where:

  • The Black Turtle is in the north
  • The Green Dragon in the east
  • The Crimson Phoenix in south
  • The White Tiger in the west
The Dragon’s Lair

The Dragon’s Lair is the point of intersection between the four palaces. It is the place where Qi converges. The Dragon’s Lair is the most auspicious site to build a property. When a property is built on this ideal site, the occupants are blessed with success, prosperity, and well-being. Diagrammatically, the Dragon’s Lair is represented as follows:

Ideal Site - The Dragon's Lair
The Dragon’s Lair

The Black Turtle is a smoothly curved mountain in the north or at the back of the property. It is called so because it is softly curved like a turtle’s shell. Having a Black Turtle behind the property is like having someone to guard your back. It provides support and stability to the occupants of the property.

The Green Dragon is slightly lower than the Black Turtle and slightly higher than the White Tiger. It is located in the east or to the right side of the property. The Green Dragon is said to bring financial success to the occupants.

The Crimson Phoenix is in the south of the property. It must be noted that between the property and the phoenix, there should be some open space, also known as the bright hall (Ming Tang). The open space helps auspicious Qi to accumulate and then enter and spiral through the property. The Crimson Phoenix brings opportunities to the occupants. The Crimson Phoenix doesn’t have to be a landform. It can also be represented by a water body.

The White Tiger is slightly lower than the Green Dragon. It is located to the west or left side of the property. The White Tiger represents authority and power.

Each of the components play a vital role in nourishing the lives of the occupants of the property. Together, they form the most desirable site to build a property.

But What About The People Living in Cities?

Talking about hustling and bustling metro cities, where there is barely any space to live, let alone mountains and rivers, it is difficult to locate the Dragon’s Lair. In such situations, the mountains are represented by the buildings and the rivers are represented by the roads. The open space or the bright hall may take the form of parks, gardens, lakes or ponds. However, the shape, size, and proximity must be in sync with the shape and size of the property. It should not be overwhelming and must be proportionate.

Few Basic Guidelines
  1. The mountains or hills must be lush green. This signifies the presence of Positive Qi or Sheng Qi. They should have a soft curve. Rocky, edgy or barren mountains must be avoided.
  2. The watercourses or rivers must be meandering and slow moving. Rushing water carries Negative Qi or Sha Qi. Similarly, close proximity with railroads or highways, where there is fast moving traffic, must be avoided.
  3. Winding roads are preferred to straight roads.
  4. Be sure to avoid the Poison Arrows
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