Feng Shui for Living: The Main Entrance

The main entrance is the most important part of a house or an office. It is the primary location of a house. It reflects our outer personality. The front door is the primary inlet for Qi to enter the property. Hence, it is very important to have an entrance that attracts Sheng Qi, or positive energy and allows it to stay in the house.

Keeping the auspicious direction to have the main entrance aside, let us learn about the structure of the entrance first. The front door must be proportionate to the size of an average person. This principle is applicable mainly for building residential property. The entrance should not be too small, too tall, or too large. Small entrance restricts Qi’s movement while large and tall entrances encourages Qi to escape. In Classical Feng Shui, it is believed that such entrance leads to financial loss. Thus, an ideal front door is the one that is proportionate.

The Main Entrance
The Ideal Front Entrance
  • A few tips for the main entrance:
  1. There shouldn’t be any hindrance or impediment in the way of the front door. The entrance should not be obstructed by trees or poles.
  2. The front door should not be subjected to poison arrows and it should not face any negative feature, also known as shars.
  3. Ideally, the main entrance should be at the top of a couple of stairs, or a flight of stairs. Having an entrance above street level makes the occupants feel safe and secure. Conversely, the entrance should not be below street level as it makes the occupants feel trapped.
  4. The front door of the house should be welcoming. If you have a lawn in the front, it must be mowed properly and must be pleasing to the eye.
  5. The main entrance should be well lit.

Also, the main door and the back door of the house should not be in alignment. It encourages Qi to enter from the front door and escape from the back door. Hence, it is advisable to block Qi’s path adopting the appropriate remedies suggested by the Classical Feng Shui experts.

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