Eight Mansions Feng Shui: The Principle of NaJia

The Eight Mansions system is one of the most fundamental formula of Classical Feng Shui. A Feng Shui audit is incomplete without the application of Eight Mansions Formula. The system focuses on Life Gua of an individual, the 24 mountains, and the location of the property. The Eight Mansions are the auspicious and inauspicious directions of an individual. The effects of Eight Mansions Feng Shui tend to be lasting and stable. The principle of NaJia is used to fine tune the Eight Mansions method of Feng Shui.

The Eight Mansions comprise of four cardinal and four sub-cardinal directions, which are further divided in 24 Mountains of Feng Shui. The 24 Mountains have particular range of degrees and each of them have a different Chinese name. These 24 mountains are diagrammatically represented as:

The 24 Mountains
The 24 Feng Shui Directions

The Eight Mansions enable Feng Shui practitioners to suggest favorable and unfavorable directions of an individual. However, if a person is unable to tap into his personal auspicious directions, The Principle of NaJia helps Feng Shui practitioners to suggest alternate positive directions to harness the positive effects of Qi.

The Principle of NaJia

“NaJia” means to adopt the heavenly stems for positive effects in one’s life. The annual afflictions cannot affect the heavenly stems. Therefore, they bring positive Qi and stability for a longer period of time. The principle of NaJia implies that if E2 (MAO) is a Success Direction (Sheng Qi) for an individual, then HAI, WEI and GENG are also his Success Directions. This means that the individual can use E2, NW3, SW1 and W1 directions to harness the positive effects of Sheng Qi.

Similarly, there are alternate favorable directions for each of the 9 Life Guas. Additionally, there are alternate unfavorable directions which bring negative effects of Qi. Individuals must beware about the same.

The doctrine of NaJia has helped practitioners all over the globe to provide alternate directions to their clients. This stem of Classical Feng Shui has made the application of its solutions practically possible.

Alternate Personal Directions:

The table here shows alternate good and bad directions for every Gua:

Alternate Personal Directions
Alternate Personal Directions : The Principle of NaJia 

With the help of this table, you can tap into your positive directions and beware of your negative ones. All you need is a compass and the table above. For a better understanding of how to use a compass and how to decipher the direction corresponding to your degree, refer to my previous blog by clicking here.

The Principle of NaJia has made application of Classical Feng Shui easier for modern day living as it has provided several alternative ways of tapping into a positive space and eliminate the negative ones.

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