Feng Shui for Property: Beware of the Poison Arrows

Poison Arrows

One of the most fatal factors that need to be avoided while looking for property are the poison arrows. Poison Arrow Qi is also known as the “killing breath.” It hits the property like a bullet. Straight roads, opposing windows or doorways, pointed edges are the most common offending culprits. Anything that is pointed, sharp, straight or angled, contains Sha Qi which is also known as Negative Qi. Sha Qi is extremely detrimental if it is directed at one’s house or office. It can adversely affect health of the occupants, cause quarrels, loss of money, and give rise to severe problems in business or relationships.

Poison Arrow Qi is considered inauspicious and carrier of misfortune. It is extremely difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to counter these poison arrows. Hence, the best strategy is to avoid them.

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Following are the poison arrows to watch out for:

  • A Straight Road:
Poison Arrows - Straight Road Sha Qi
House on Straight Road

Usually, most houses are built along this type of road. If the road is frequented by heavy traffic or is exposed to noise and dirt, it can affect the health of the occupants. The most auspicious house here would be the middle one as it is supported by the White Tiger and the Green Dragon. It must be noted that not all straight roads are carriers of Sha Qi. Roads which are calm, quiet, and peaceful represent a lazy stream. Hence, they are considered as carriers of Sheng Qi or positive energy.

  • Sudden Turn in the Road:
Poison Arrows - Sudden Turn in the Road
Sudden Turn in the Road

A property facing a point where there is a sudden turn in the road is considered to be facing a poison arrow. The sharp and sudden turn in the road resembles opportunities drifting away from the house. Also, glaring headlights and screeching sounds of the brakes causes anxiety and tension among the occupants of the house.

  • Property on Dead-End of a Road:
Poison Arrows - End of the Road
Property on Dead-End of the Road

A property located on a dead-end of a road is the most inauspicious property. It is extremely unfavorable for the occupants of the property as the poison arrow qi rushes up the street into the property’s front door. It is highly recommended to avoid these property locations.

  • Property on a T – junction:
Poison Arrows - T - junction
Property on a T – junction

Here, just as the property on a dead-end, the poison arrow hits the house. It rushes in with a destructive force, stops only on impact, and envelopes the house in its inauspicious forces. Avoiding this property is the most recommended remedy.

  • ┬áThe Corner Dwelling:
Poison Arrows - The Corner Dwelling
The Corner Dwelling

The corner dwelling makes the occupants feel unbalanced because one side of the property is unprotected due to the street. Hence, either the tiger or the dragon is lost. Further, traffic, noise, and dirt add up to the Sha Qi.

  • House on a Y – junction or V – junction:
Poison Arrows - House at V-junction or Y-junction
House at V-junction or Y-junction

Property facing a Y-junction or V-junction is similar to the one on the dead-end or T-junction. The property here is subject to two or three torrents of rushing poison arrow qi which enters the property with a destructive force.

  • A Cul-De-Sac:
Poison Arrows - A cul-de-sac
A cul-de-sac

The above diagram represents the Cul-de-sac. A cul-de-sac with an open space in between is considered as fortunate. However, it is very important to select the property wisely. Not all houses in the above figure are fortunate. The worst affected houses here are the ones at the bottom where the street meets the cul-de-sac and the house which is right at the top facing the street. The middle two houses on either side of the cul-de-sac are ideal for habitation provided the external environment is supportive.

  • House on Tracks:
Poison Arrows - House on Tracks
House on Tracks

A house on railway tracks is adversely affected by poison arrow qi. This is because miles and miles of Sha Qi rushes directly in the house. A property on railway tracks is enveloped by too much of negative energy. In earlier days, houses on tracks were built to hang criminals to death.

  • The U-shape:
Poison Arrows - A U-shape
A U-shape

A property or a house facing a U-shape of a road, river, or stream makes its occupants feel strangled or suffocated. Although the road or river has no sharp corners or edges, the property looks as if it is stuck inside the noose. It is best to avoid purchasing this property.

  • A Bow Formation:
Poison Arrows - A Bow Formation
A Bow Formation

A property or house facing a bow formation of the road or a river looks as if the road or river is turning away from the property leaving the house alone and aloof.

  • A Bridge pointed at the Property:
Poison Arrows - A Bridge pointed at the Property
A Bridge pointed at the Property

A bridge pointed towards the house also affects the occupants of the house as it points the poison arrow qi directly towards the house. Similarly a solitary lamp post standing tall directly in front of the main door of the house affects the occupants of the property.

The above are a few classic examples of poison arrows and must be considered while shopping for property. So, if you are out in the market, hunting for an apartment or investing in an office space, do consider the surroundings of the property and watch out for the poisonous and destructive poison arrows!


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