Relationship Analysis: How Compatible Are You?

The principle of the Five Phases is the backbone of Classical Feng Shui. These Five Phases are five physical elements – Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Wood. The relationship between these elements help us understand how we relate to others. They represent different manifestations of Qi. Each of these elements are assigned to specific Gua numbers. There is a special formula that determines Gua number. However, you can simply calculate Gua number for your partner and yourself, by clicking here.

Once you have derived the Gua numbers, note them down and refer the table below:

Gua Numbers and Their Corresponding Elements
Gua Numbers and Their Corresponding Elements

Note the element corresponding to your Gua number and read on.

Gua 1: Water
  1. Water and Water: People from the same element are best friends. They get along quite well with each other. Their easy going attitude eliminates the cause for concern.
  2. Water and Wood: Water people are innate supporters of Wood people. It’s a productive relationship as water nourishes wood’s growth.
  3. Water and Fire: This is a controlling relationship. Water people need to tactfully tackle Fire people. They need to maintain a healthy balance in this relationship as too much Water shall saturate Fire’s spirit. A healthy drizzle shall keep it in check.
  4. Water and Earth: Water is easy going and ever flowing. It needs to keep moving. It needs an escape route. Only Earth can stagnate Water’s spirit. Hence, Water people are afraid of Earth’s damming power.
  5. Water and Metal: It is a productive relationship. Water people are dependent on Metal people for support. Both yin in nature, Water and Metal people have a good mutual understanding.
Gua 2, 5 and 8: Earth
  1. Earth and Earth: People from the same element are best friends. They get along quite well with each other, like they say, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”
  2. Earth and Metal: Earth and Metal are compatible with each other. It is a productive relationship. Despite minor disagreements, they make compatible mates, siblings, and business partners.
  3. Earth and Water: Earth people control Water’s every move. It is a controlling relationship. To maintain peace, it is important to loosen the leash on Water people and give them an outlet to flow freely.
  4. Earth and Wood: Earth people hate being dominated. Domination is the key characteristic of Wood people. Hence, Earth people seek to steer clear of Wood people. However, if there is no escape, it is best to learn tolerance.
  5. Earth and Fire: Fire is an Earth person’s biggest fan. Together they form a great pair. They understand each other very well. They are strong allies. Life’s a party when they are together.
Gua 3 and 4: Wood
  1. Wood and Wood: Wood people respect each other. They can count on each other for help and support. People from the same element are best friends. They get along quite well with each other as like attracts like.
  2. Wood and Fire: This is an extremely compatible relationship. Wood people are Fire people’s best friends. They are strong allies and their friendship is highly spirited.
  3. Wood and Earth: This is not an auspicious relationship. Trouble is always on the cards. It is best to steer clear of each other. If not, it is best advised to learn tolerance.
  4. Wood and Metal: This is a problematic relationship. They do not get along very well as Wood people hate being bossed around by Metal people.
  5. Wood and Water: A Wood person can always rely on Water for constant support. This is a productive relationship.
Gua 6 and 7: Metal
  1. Metal and Metal: Metal people see eye-to-eye. They are strong allies and stick up for each other. People from the same element are best friends. They get along quite well with each other.
  2. Metal and Water: Its an auspicious relationship. Metal people are born leaders and love to support Water people. They understand each other quite well.
  3. Metal and Wood: Metal people should try to mind their tone and attempt to be less bossy around Wood people. This is a problematic relationship.
  4. Metal and Fire: Fire is the only one that can keep Metal’s thick skinned, bossy attitude in check. Fire’s heat melts Metal.
  5. Metal and Earth: This is a favorable relationship. Metal people can rely on Earth for support.
Gua 9: Fire
  1. Fire and Fire: This is an enthusiastic and bubbly relationship. Fire people listen to each other. People from the same element are best friends. They get along quite well.
  2. Fire and Earth: It is a very compatible relationship. Fire people encourage Earth people and support them in their endeavors. They are Earth’s biggest fans. Life’s a party when the two of them are together.
  3. Fire and Metal: Fire’s heat melts Metal’s spirit. In order to improve your relationship with Metal, it is important to maintain a healthy balance. Be a flame that provides warmth, not a furnace that burns everything down.
  4. Fire and Water: Fire people are afraid of Water people’s dampening force. Let go of the fear to have a healthy relationship with Water people.
  5. Fire and Wood: They are best friends. It is a favorable relationship. Both complete each other and can count on each other.

Having figured out your relationship compatibility with your mate, siblings, partners, family, friends and colleagues, you know your friends and foes. This understanding will help you in favorably interacting with the people around you. However, this is not all. I further recommend you to read my blogs on Life Gua and Personal Directions, to get a complete picture of your relationship with others.


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