Feng Shui for Property: Watchout for the Shar

What is a Shar?

Shar is a  negative feature that surrounds us. Shars bring Yin or passive energy with them. They affect the way we think, act, and react to our environment. Shars are nothing but negative features very close to the property. They bring negative energy in the house or office space. So, the next time you go shopping for an apartment, watch out for the shars and shield yourself from their negativity. Also, learn how to remedy some of the shars discussed here.

But before proceeding further, I recommend reading my previous work on Finding the Ideal Site and Poison Arrows. This will help property buyers and curious readers to understand the concept very clearly.

So without further adieu, lets jump right in and discuss the various types of shars and learn how to remedy them.

  • Wind Gap Shar:
Shars: Wind Gap Shar
Wind Gap Shar

A wind gap shar can be described as the narrow distance between two adjacent buildings. If your property faces a wind gap shar, it is subjected to continuous attacks of the negative forces rushing right inside the property. It affects the occupants of the property in an adverse manner. The narrower the distance between two buildings, the worse is the quality of energy propelled at the property. It is best to avoid buying a house or an office space which is directly facing a wind gap shar.

  • Cutting Feet Water:

It is a shar that doesn’t allow the qi to enter the property. Cutting feet water can be described as any monsoon drain, canal or unclean water body. If such water bodies are within the distance of 8 feet of the property, they are considered as shars. The worst kind of cutting feet water shar is when it is near the entrance of the property. It is best to avoid such shars. If it cannot be avoided, the drains or water bodies must be covered.

  • Manholes:

Manholes are also considered to be a negative feature, similar to cutting feet water. They suck the energy in. Having a manhole in close proximity of the property is not auspicious. The best remedy is to cover the manhole.

Also, rushing or mercilessly flowing water close to a property brings anxiety and nervousness for the occupants. Further, there is always a threat of the river getting flooded and the property being submerged. Anything that threatens the property is bad for the occupants of the property.

  • Electric Tower:
Shars: Electricity Tower
Electricity Tower

Electricity towers carry high voltage electricity over thousands of miles. They are one of the most common shars found in urban areas. Electricity is transmitted at a very high speed through these towers and live wires. The very thought of it is enough to over-whelm any one. Electric towers are shars and close proximity to them must be avoided.

  • White Tiger Pouncing:
Shars: White Tiger Pouncing
White Tiger Pouncing

The ideal site for property is where the white tiger is slightly lower than the green dragon. If the white tiger is higher, the phenomenon is called white tiger pouncing on the property and is a shar. As a consequence, pouncing white tiger brings financial problems for the occupants of the property. Also, the male occupants may lose authority and control on the property.

(To understand the white tiger and the green dragon in detail, click here or read at: http://www.fengshuiuniverse.com/ideal-site/)

  • Property near a Graveyard or Hospital:
Shars: property near graveyard
Property near a Graveyard

A property near a graveyard or a hospital is exposed to a lot of yin or negative energy. It is one of the most dangerous shars in classical feng shui. For a good living, it is extremely important to balance the forces of yin and yang. However, proximity to such a shar tilts the balance in the favor of yin energy. In order to restore the balance, the best remedy is to paint the wall facing the graveyard or hospital in red. Also, it is advisable to light as many lamps on the side facing the graveyard, as is possible. It is important to make the place look bright so that the yin of the graveyard is balanced out with the yang of lights.

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